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Because solar energy is shattering records. Here's why...

Energy consumers don’t have confidence in their utility companies anymore due to out-of-control and increasing costs, confusing billing statements, and unreliable power prone to outages, blackouts, and potential grid hacking.


It is because of this, that consumers are bringing forth a massive wave of demand for energy independence. In 2019, the U.S. solar energy market reached 2 million installations and is expected to hit 3 million installations by 2021. 

Not only has solar energy become a $17 billion industry on track to double in 5 years, but it’s also become more cost-effective and higher capacity performing. See below for more info.


The cost to install solar has dropped by more than 70% over the last decade

For a standard 6 kW home solar system, the average gross cost has fallen from $51,000 to just $17,880 in about the past decade. 


Solar PV technology has created high-efficiency panels that can produce 25 percent more electricity today than ever before.

Solar panels now are reaching about 30 percent efficiency, with new solar cell prototypes underway for 44.5% efficiency.


25 percent of total new power plant capacity installe​​​​d in 2017 came from solar.

A new analysis by Bloomberg New Energy Finance says that 50 percent of the world's energy will come from solar and wind by 2050.

This upcoming decade will car​​​​ve out the path for this dominant new form of energy generation and give energy freedom to families and communities across the world.

"We're on our way to reach The American Renewable Investment Goal of $1 trillion by 2030. In 2018, the private sector invested more than $56.7 billion total in U.S. renewable energy and technology."

who we are

A team with a purpose. And a vision.

As a utility-scale renewable energy company and the creators of the Private Solar Grid™ , our purpose is centered around positively impacting our citizens, nation and planet.

Our vision is to provide powerful Private Solar Grids™ that will empower individuals, families, and communities with life-long energy independence.

" Energy affordability is non-negotiable. It’s crucial to the sustainable development of our society and the well-being of every family. "

What We Do

Implement an honest business model, through our PSG™ Program, to create mindful change

We started this company with the simple purpose to do good by and for everyone.

We’re doing this by building Private Solar Grids™ that produce clean, affordable, and sustainable energy for our nation, while positively impacting the environment we live in.

" Be wholesome again. From sunrise to sunset, feel conscience-free about your carbon footprint. You’re a pioneer in clean energy now. "

Why We Do It

Because public funding and charity is not enough anymore to support the scale of change needed to make a lasting impact

To trigger generation-to-generation lasting change we all have to be on the same page. It’s not about Me and I anymore, it’s about We and Us. We should all come together to clean up air pollution, make energy affordable and safe, and become an energy independent nation. 

" When you choose Hexeton Energy, you are guaranteed to receive reliable and affordable power, professional installation and maintenance, and high-quality customer care."

​How We Do It

By aligning our nation's energy needs and our stakeholder’s needs in one sustainable and innovative solution

To foster nationwide solar energy growth, we depend on our in-house team of energy professionals to employ state-of-the-art Private Solar Grid™  technology to provide customers the unique and long-lasting experience of energy independence. 

" We take on every step of the solar development process with high integrity and caliber in order to rise above and beyond the traditional energy landscape."


Because we provide energy that you control from your fingertips

We believe that energy should be affordable, sustainable, and decentralized for the well-being of our people and the planet.  

Which is why Hexeton Energy has created the Private Solar Grid™ (PSG) Program, a program making it easier than ever before for any energy user to benefit from auto-controllable energy with their own Private Solar Grid™.

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 Your independence.”

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