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How We Do It

We have a united mindset behind our company and it has led us to success. The key to our success? Our unique, all-inclusive business model.

Our Unique Model

Producing large-scale amounts of energy for utility sectors allows us to compete with traditional energy company costs. Our economies of scale pricing will allow us to offer prices that are lower than our competitors, while still maintaining high quality service. The best part? Lower rates benefits all our stakeholders: customers, partners, and the entire community.

-  Customers benefit by paying less for energy

-  Partners benefit by earning more money for their alpha

-  Community benefits by having more capital to scale change

How We deliver

We take on every step of the solar project process with integrity and high caliber


Impact Strategy

Our solar project strategy aims to leave a positive impact on our customers, communities and the environment. We prioritize interests of all stakeholders before any project is undertaken because that's what it takes for us to build trust with each other as well as meet your needs.


Design & Planning

We design fully integrated solutions from conception to development. In our planning phase, we utilize the most modern tools available to design high-quality manufacturing and seamless project delivery.



We use innovative technology, like virtual design, in our development procedure to get things done on budget and ahead of schedule. Tools, like building information modeling, enables us to construct high-quality systems, exactly as was designed and planned.


Delivery Optimization

As solar system projects are being developed, our team relies on their expertise with energy modeling tools to accelerate delivery and optimize energy generation by keeping costs down over the life cycle of all projects.


Sustainable Solutions

After project execution, we focus on maximizing solar energy generation efficiency by reducing end-user costs for the community. We will also support environmental solutions in our day-to-day operations by using less energy and water, and disposing of old equipment through recycling or re-purposing.


is reinforced daily to commit employees to abide by a zero injury work culture

"A routine day starts with lining up techs and reviewing safety policies, no one goes out on the field before signing off the daily log accepting all safety protocols. Safety has always been our top priority so that we can make it home safely every night after working hard for you during your solar system installation or service call request."

- Solar Technician Supervisor

How we Operate

"Our in-house team is made up of diverse and highly experienced energy professionals who are experts in various fields. These include utility design, electrical engineering, civil engineering for solar installations, and much more!"

To ensure proper system performance in our daily operations, we focus on enforcing team-wide safety protocols and implementation of predictive maintenance processes through state-of-the-art technology.

  • Data accuracy is regularly validated to ensure quality functioning of all equipment and project tools
  • Weekly performance stats are controlled and reviewed by our engineering staff, along with monthly performance analysis reports
  • Predictive maintenance alerts are sent to operating supervisors through our internal project portal

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