whY we do IT

"Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago.’’ -Warren Buffet

WHY WE exist

To create lasting energy independence, awareness, and long-term solutions.

To mobilize the scale of change needed, we need more than public and charitable funding. What we need is support - the support of everybody - to promote the importance of energy independence.

Promoters include: customers, communities, businesses,  investors, and the government. 


By uniting modern technology with a sustainable mindset, we can provoke generation-to-generation lasting change. 

To keep us in line with our purpose of promoting and providing energy independence, we created a set of core values that guide all our internal and external processes...

  • Transparent Initiatives
    Full disclosure of our yearly Public Benefit Reports
  • Sustainable DevelopmentOrganizing present needs without compromising the needs of future generations
  • Innovative Solutions → Reaching maximum energy efficiency to surpass stakeholder's needs

We Support sustainability

The biggest producers of CO2 in the US are animal agriculture and coal burning plants

In an effort to detain all the negative consequences of pollution, the world has created initiatives to preserve our planet and promote sustainable practices. The first step in meeting these goals is to expand the use of renewable energy power.

We support the following initiatives:
  • The Global Goals by 2030
  • Energy Transitions Initiative
  • USA Sustainable Cities Initiative
  • Grid Modernization Initiative (GMI)


challenges we face due to not taking energy resources into our own hands

power outages

In 2017, the Blackout Tracker Annual Report, revealed 36.7 million people were affected by 3,526 reported power outages, this is more than twice the 17.9 million that were affected the year before.

costly blackouts

The Northeastern blackout of 2003 was the biggest blackout in U.S. history, leaving 50 million people without power. An accident caused by a branch-tangled transmission line that cost us $10 billion.

national security threats

Rogue hackers cause more threat to the grid than rogue trees. A London report concluded that an attack from hackers could knock off power from major cities like NYC or Washington DC, costing  $243 billion to $1 trillion

unaffordable energy

According to the Energy Information Administration, nearly a third of households in the United States have struggled to pay their energy bill. More than 10% of these households kept their homes at unhealthy or unsafe temperature.

carbon dioxide emissions

In 2014, approximately 78% of US harmful emissions were energy-related emissions of carbon dioxide. Of this, approximately 42% was from oil and other liquids, 32% from coal, and 27% from natural gas. 

harmful air pollution

One third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and heart disease are due to air pollution, an equivalent effect to that of smoking tobacco. Nine out of ten people now breathe polluted air, which kills 7 million people every year. 

" In order to reduce our costly monthly energy bills, contribution to air pollution, and dependence on unreliable grid systems, we must take our POWER back through Private Solar Grids (PSG). "

​What We Can Do ​

To trigger lasting change, we need to understand the solution that benefits us all.

We have a long-term goal to unify businesses, customers, and communities through our transparent business model to inspire change. This is why we created the “Private Solar Grid™ (PSG) Treaty”, a company-wide agreement, reminding us we’re all on the same journey towards the crossroads that unites Us and our environment.

Join us, sign our Private Solar Grid™ (PSG) Treaty, and let’s start walking.

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“Your energy.

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